Mikro Parisi – Studios – Rooms, Kimolos, Greece

our beaches

Even though Kimolos is a small island, it can offer many beaches which are easily accessible and suit all tastes.



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Τhe nearest beach from our complex, just few minutes from Ηora.



A white sandy beach which is located on the eastern part of the island. Its turquoise water makes it one of the most popular beaches in the island. You shouldn’t miss visiting it.



kimolos5 018
A beach that combines pebbles and sand. Its deep waters and little rocks let people (both young and old) enjoy diving.
There are tall trees along the beach which can offer you special shade for as long as you want.



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It is located in one of the settlements of the island. It combines pebbles and sand with many thrifts where you can relax and enjoy yourself. The beach is so big that you can enjoy swimming absolutely peacefully any month of the summer.



kimolos5 008
It’s one of the most popular beaches of the island because during the summer the sea is always “peaceful”.
You can enjoy swimming there because the clear blue sea and the beautiful sandy beach make it an ideal place for everyone, especially for children as it is very shallow. A canteen and sun beds are available too.



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A picturesque, small, sandy beach with many thrifts.



kimolos5 055-ap
It is a sandy beach suitable especially for those who like to be isolated.



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A sandy beach where at the bottom of it there is hidden or buried old town. For those who like diving they can discover traces of walls.


kimolos5 001
An amazing sandy beach where you can enjoy the beautiful sunset. Simply unique.
It’s also worth visiting beaches through the sea, as the colours and generally the nature will make it unforgettable…
Agioklima where hot water falls in the sea through a source which nobody has even discovered.
Soufi, a natural little port especially popular for those who own a boat.

At last but not least, the most amazing beaches of Poliegos.